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It is impossible to insist enough on the importance of a clean office. The cleanliness of your commercial premises says a lot about your company. It gives a first impression which will remain with your visitors and motivate employees who will feel valued in a clean working environment.

Located on the outskirts of Brussels, Belgo Office Cleaner is a leading commercial cleaning company specialising on office maintenance. In addition to periodical cleaning, we also offer computer, office machinery an telephone hygiene services, and specialise in carpet, marble and granite surface cleaning.

Our cleaners are well-presented and have an unrivalled attention to detail. We also have a separate team of specialist window cleaners who are able to clean windows, even if they are up heights or in difficult-to-access areas.

We have a great deal of experience in the sector. Down the years, we have used all of our resources to meet the most advanced requirements of our clients. However, our speed of response faced with urgent matters is unrivalled. All of these efforts have led to the great honour of being selected by companies aspiring towards exceptional services such as law firms, banks, notary offices, financial establishments, embassies and multinational firms.

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